Adjunct Professors at the Medical Faculty Bonn

Adjunct Professors at the Medical Faculty Bonn

The habilitation/adjunct commission provides information on this page about:

  • The requirements for the award of an adjunct professor title
  • Dates for habilitation / adjunct consultations
  • The members of the habilitation / adjunct commission
  • Re-evaluation in teaching and research after receiving the designation of adjunct professor.


In the run-up to your procedure for obtaining the designation "Adjunct Professor", we would like to ask you to take note of the attached documents. In order to check whether you meet the relevant requirements, we recommend that you take a look at the "Faculty Regulations" in particular.


adjunct professors with Bonn venia legendi are employed at the Faculty of Medicine


of these are female professors


years must normally the minimum period between the  habilitation and an application for the adjunct professor title

Making an Appointment for a Consultation

If all the listed criteria for the application for the award of the title "Adjunct Professor" are fulfilled, we would like to ask you to call the responsible administrator. She will arrange an appointment for you with the chairperson of the habilitation / adjunct commisson at one of the office hours.

For preparation, please note the attached documents, fill them out completely and bring them to your appointment.

Handout on the Subject of Partiality

Schedule for Consultation Dates

Winter semester 2022/23

06.07.2022 (no free slots)
05.10.2022 (no free slots)
02.11.2022 (no free slots)
21.12.2022 (no free slots)

Beratung in der Sprechstunde
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The Adjunct Professor is obligated to submit a list of his/her teaching performance, signed by him/herself and the subject representative with original signature, to the Medical Dean's Office by July 1 of each year without being requested to do so.

The Adjunct Professor is required to provide evidence of 1 publication in a listed journal, unsolicited, by July 1 of each year.

Members of the Habilitation / Adjunct Commission

The commission is elected by the Faculty Council from among the university teachers, the academic staff and the students.

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Henning Boecker

Vice Chairwoman: Frau Prof. Dr. Olga Golubnitschaje

Other habilitation / adjunct committee members

Sitzung einer Kommission
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