06. April 2022

Excellent Performance in the QS Subject Rankings Excellent Performance in the QS Subject Rankings

The University of Bonn is able to report fresh improvements in the QS World University Rankings by subject. Judged to be one of the best of its kind in Germany, our Mathematics Department also enjoys a leading international reputation as 49th in the world. Other of our subjects were also able to improve their international standing.

Excellent research
Excellent research - - Top-level research takes place, for example, in the recently opened new building for detector physics. © Volker Lannert/Uni Bonn
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This year, a total of 1,543 institutions worldwide were ranked in 51 subjects. A new indicator evaluates the ability of institutions to establish and co-publish in research networks. Here, Bonn's natural sciences and medicine perform particularly well.

For instance, the University of Bonn’s Dentistry Department was awarded top spot in Germany, and was ranked between 50 and 70 in the world. Our Department of Economics was placed within the top 3 in Germany, and in terms of its international ranking, climbed eight places to 54. Our Faculty of Agriculture is a further top performer, achieving place four in the national and 88 in the international rankings. Placed at 101 in the world, the natural sciences at the University of Bonn achieved their previously best place in this ranking. The 139th place awarded to the Bonn life sciences also represents a significant result.

The Departments of Geography (fifth in Germany, band 101-150 in the world), Geophysics (sixth in Germany, band 101-150 in the world), Pharmacy and Anatomy (both sixth in Germany and bands 101-150 and 101-140 in the world respectively) also performed very well indeed. English and archeology are the leading humanities disciplines at Bonn, both achieving sixth place in the national rankings. Whilst our Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology Department moved into the international top 100 (band 51-80) for the first time, registering place 8 in the national subject ranking, our theologians achieved place seven in the national ranking and were placed in band 51-100 in the world.

As Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch explains: “The results of these rankings underscore once again the top quality of teaching and research conducted into countless subjects at the University of Bonn, one of Germany’s 11 “Excellence Universities”. Not only do we lead the field in Germany, but take our place amongst the top performers in the world. These outstanding results reflect the high achievement of our researchers, thanks to whom our international reputation constantly grows. We are committed to supporting our excellent academics and attracting further outstanding researchers so as to improve our international standing even further.”

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