09. February 2022

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann

University Professorship for Pharmacogenomics (W1)

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann has been appointed Professor of Pharmacogenomics at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn as of February 1, 2022.

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann © Katharina Wislsperger/UKB
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His research focuses on the development of computational algorithms for the analysis of functional genomics data and their integration with available experimental and clinical omics data in a systems medicine research approach.

In his research program, he intends to predict the interplay of genes and chemical compounds from clinical and experimental genomics, functional genomics, and pharmacogenomics data. This work builds on fundamental machine learning techniques including state-of-the-art deep learning methods. He also plans to develop computational tools for interpreting experimental omics data, which hold promise but also present new challenges as the volume of clinical data continues to grow. His research will help build a bridge between clinically derived data and experimental efforts to enable novel therapeutic interventions in the future.

During his DFG-supported postdoctoral work at the University of Minnesota as well as the University of Toronto, Billmann developed algorithms to guide the ideal implementation of hundreds of genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screens, identifying and integrating genetic interactions with the goal of creating a reference map for genetic influences in a human cell. During his PhD at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, he studied how genetic influences change after stimulation of signaling pathways. Previously, he had completed his studies in molecular biotechnology at the TU Dresden as well as the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg.

Billmann and his research group will be based at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital. There, he will not only have access to the latest technologies for functional genomic analyses, but will also be able to collaborate in a variety of ways with the Institute's research groups working on the genetic basis of diseases.

With the appointment of Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann, we have been able to attract an excellent bioinformatics and innovative researcher to Bonn and welcome him warmly.

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