29. March 2022

"Rector of the Year": Prof. Michael Hoch in second place "Rector of the Year": Prof. Michael Hoch in second place

Professor Dr. Thomas Puhl, Rector of the University of Mannheim, receives the "Rector of the Year" award, presented by the German University Association (DHV) for the fourteenth time.

This was announced at the "Gala of German Science" of the DHV and the German University Foundation, which took place online due to the pandemic. The Rector of the University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.. Michael Hoch, the "Rector of the Year" of the two previous years, came in 2nd place.

Prof. Michael Hoch
Prof. Michael Hoch © Jürgen Hofmann/Uni Bonn
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With a grade of 1.51, Professor Puhl achieved the best rating. The lawyer and last year's runner-up was rated by 94 percent of the participants as "very good" or "ideal" for a leadership position. They praised Puhl's "warmth and personality," his appreciative communication style, and also his expertise and leadership skills.

The Bonn Rector Professor Hoch, who topped the rankings in 2020 and 2021, follows closely behind Puhl with 1.63. Last year's fifth-place finisher, Professor Dr. Manfred Beyer (TU Dortmund), moved up to third place with a score of 1.81. Fourth and fifth place this year go to the rector of the University of Hohenheim and winner of 2016, Professor Dr. Stephan Dabbert, and the rector of RWTH Aachen University, Professor Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, with scores of 1.86 and 1.88, respectively.

For the rector ranking, the scientists were asked to what extent they considered the respective office holders to be suitable for the leadership of the university. They were able to give their assessment, which was based on school grades, on six levels ranging from "ideal appointment" (grade 1) to "worst possible appointment" (grade 6). On average, just under 70 percent of respondents gave their own university management a predominantly positive rating.

The scientific management and implementation of the ranking, which ultimately covered 54 universities, was in the hands of the Center for Evaluation and Methods at the University of Bonn. The detailed results can be found in the April issue of the journal "Forschung & Lehre" and can be accessed via the link https://www.hochschulverband.de/fileadmin/redaktion/download/pdf/presse/ranking-dhv_2022.pdf.

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