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Research Focus


  • Official research focus of the Medical Faculty since 2020.
  • Through the Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO), Bonn is integrated into the CIO ABCD network Aachen-Bonn-Cologne-Düsseldorf as an official top center of the German Cancer Aid.
  • The topic of immuno-oncology is a central focus within the research focus on oncology.


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Prof. Dr. Michael Hölzel

Institute for Experimental Oncology

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At a Glance

The treatment of oncological patients is of great importance at our university hospital. Through the Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO), Bonn is integrated into the CIO ABCD22  Association Aachen-Bonn-Cologne-Düsseldorf as an official top center of the German Cancer Aid. A very close cooperation with the Johanniter-Hospital through the CIO Bonn has further expanded the oncological focus. Scientifically, the Medical Faculty is committed to the vision that innovative approaches from experimental cancer research should be brought into clinical application in order to ultimately improve the holistic treatment of cancer patients. To achieve this ambitious goal, preclinical and translational oncology research has been strategically developed over the past years.

With the successful acquisition of one of the renowned Mildred-Scheel-Junior Research Centers44  funded by the German Cancer Aid55, a prominent collaborative oncology project is now anchored at the site. Based on this success, the Faculty of Medicine has endorsed oncology as a new official research focus in 2020. The complexity of tumor tissue, consisting of a large number of different malignant and non-malignant cell types, means that oncological research at our site is already closely networked with other research priorities, in particular immunology, which is largely represented by the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2666. The topic of immuno-oncology is therefore a central focus within the research focus on oncology and bridges to the excellent expertise in the field of immunology. In the coming years, the work on the oncology's further strategic networking will be intensified. During this process new methods in the field of tumor organoid culture will be given a key role.

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Current Events

Seminars, events and news of the research focus Oncology can be found on the website of the CIO Bonn.


Selected research associations sorted alphabetically

  • GBA: INTEGRATION-Program "Combined nutrition and physical activity intervention during oncology therapy"
    Coordination: PD Dr. Freerk Baumann (CIO Köln), Prof. Sebastian Theurich (München); Bonn: Prof. Ingo Schmidt-Wolf
  • GBA: VERSKiK "Care after cancer in childhood or adolescence"
    Coordination: PD Dr. Enno Swart (Magdeburg); Bonn: Department for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

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Organization & Support of Young Talent

Organization Structure

As the Centre for Integrated Oncology, the CIO forms the multidisciplinary cancer centre of the University Hospital Bonn. Since 2007, it has been working together with the Cancer Centre of the University Hospital Cologne as CIO Cologne Bonn. Since October 2018, the CIO Cologne Bonn has been shaping cancer medicine for 11 million people together with the university cancer centres from Aachen and Düsseldorf under the name "Centre for Integrated Oncology - CIO Aachen Bonn Cologne Düsseldorf". The CIO Aachen Bonn Cologne Düsseldorf is one of only 13 top oncology centres of the German Cancer Aid nationwide.

Education Structure

With regard to the training of excellent young scientists and future leaders, the field of oncology sees it as a particular task to promote not only the careers of young scientists, but also explicitly clinician scientists. The latter term refers to physicians who are intensively committed to research and who play an important role in translating results from basic research into clinical application or, conversely, in introducing clinical questions into basic research. In fact, the Mildred Scheel Young Investigators Center reflects precisely this integrative aspect in its design and brings the natural sciences and medicine into close dialogue and cooperation. In addition, the field of oncology, like the other research priorities, is committed to promoting equal opportunities for men and women in science.

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