Habilitation / Re-Habilitation

Habilitation / Re-Habilitation

The team of the habilitation office of the Faculty of Medicine Bonn provides comprehensive information on the topic of "Habilitation" and "Re-Habilitation" on its website. Its employees are available to advise and support habilitation candidates or interested parties with all questions regarding the desired habilitation as well as during the habilitation process itself.

Submission of a (Re)Habilitation

In the preparatory phase of your (re-)habilitation procedure, we would like to ask you to read our brochure Information and Requirements for the "Submission of a Habilitation or Re-Habilitation". To check whether you meet the relevant requirements, we also recommend that you take a look at the Habilitation Regulations. 

Making an Appointment for a Consultation

If all the criteria listed below for habilitation/re-habilitation are met, we would like to ask you to make an appointment for the habilitation consultation with your responsible contact person by telephone.

In addition, please see the attached documents for preparation and bring them fully completed to the consultation.

Handreichung zum Thema Befangenheit

Schedule for Consultation Dates

Summer semester 2021

25.05.2022 (no free slots)

Winter semester 2022/23

06.07.2022 (no free slots)
05.10.2022 (no free slots)
02.11.2022 (no free slots)
21.12.2022 (no free slots)

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Interns abroad per year


Grants obtained 


Host countries

Inaugural Lectures

Antrittsvorlesung Frau Dr. rer. nat. Hamideh Yadegari
Hybridveranstaltung - ...
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Zu der öffentlichen Antrittsvorlesung - "Von Willebrand Factor: Bridging Hemostasis with Inflammation and its Patho-Molecular Mechanisms“- die Frau Dr. rer. ...

Members of the Habilitation/ Adjunct Commission

The commission is elected by the Faculty Council from among the university teachers, the academic staff and the students.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Henning Boecker

Vice Chair: Frau Prof. Dr. Olga Golubnitschaje 

Other habilitation/adjunct committee members

Sitzung einer Kommission
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In order to be able to offer you a smooth support, we would like to inform you about the following change.
From now on, specific contact persons are responsible for you in the habilitation office:

Avatar Stenz

Jana Stenz

Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

Avatar Deva-Uguz

Vanesa Deva-Uguz


Venusberg-Campus 1

53127 Bonn

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