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Welcome to the website for the Dr. med. & Dr. med. dent. doctoral process. Here you will find all the information you need about the organizational aspects of your doctorate.



The meeting dates of the doctoral committee as well as the respective deadlines regarding the submission of documents are as follows:

Dates                                  Application deadlines

Tuesday, 10.05.2022   -   Sunday, 01.05.2022

Tuesday, 24.05.2022   -   Sunday, 15.05.2022

Tuesday, 07.06.2022   -   Sunday, 29.05.2022

Tuesday, 21.06.2022   -   Sunday, 12.06.2022

Please note that we can only accept officially certified copies of the documents. (e.g. officially certified copy of the 3rd state examination for the issuance of the doctorate confirmation).

Overview of the Promotion Procedure

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Process to obtain the Doctoral Degree

The essential steps for obtaining the doctorate are listed below. However, as a first overview we recommend to read the doctoral regulations and to have a look at the Q&A directory. This offers you helpful information on enrolment, leave of absence and other topics that may be relevant to you.

Second Doctoral Degree Regulations from 2021

First Doctoral Degree Regulations from 2017

Q&A directory to different topics

Step 1: Application for Qualification Phase

Supervision Agreement

For admission to the qualification phase, a supervision agreement is mandatory and must be approved by the doctoral committee.

After Admission to the Qualification Phase

After admission to the qualification phase, enrollment as a doctoral student takes place. According to § 67 para. 5 HG, doctoral students with a completed university degree are also required to enroll in a doctoral program.

For all doctorate candidates whose supervision agreement was submitted to the doctoral office after October 09, 2017, attendance of the course "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" is mandatory during the qualification phase.

Please note that we can only accept officially certified copies of the documents. (e.g. officially certified copy of the 3rd state examination for the issuance of the doctorate confirmation).

Step 2: Choice of the Dissertation Form

 Here you will find all the templates, sample pages and information on formal criteria necessary for writing the dissertation. You have the choice between two different dissertation forms, which are explained in more detail below.

Option 1: Inaugural Dissertation

In this case, the dissertation is written as a monograph. Below you will find instructions and templates for writing an inaugural dissertation.

Option 2: Cumulative Dissertation

In contrast to the inaugural dissertation, this dissertation form briefly describes previously published work in light of the current state of knowledge. Instructions and templates for the preparation of a cumulative dissertation can be found below.

Step 3: Application for the Admission to the Examination / Audit Phase

After you have completed the dissertation and submitted all documents to the Dean's Office, the examination phase will be opened. As soon as all reviewer feedbacks are available, the dissertation is submitted to the doctoral committee. After approval of the dissertation by the doctoral committee, the oral examination can be arranged.

You will receive the final written permission after the examination documents have been received. When all the required documents have been received by the doctoral office, you will be allowed to receive your certificate at the next doctoral graduation ceremony.

Other Documents

If you wish to extend or terminate your supervision agreement or change your doctoral supervisor, please consider the following documents.

Furthermore, we ask you to take into consideration our notes on data protection and the implementation of the DSGVO.

Doctorate Award Ceremony

The dates of this year's doctorate award ceremony are as follows:

Summer semester:   Saturday, 02.07.2022

Winter semester:   will be announced here

If you have any questions regarding the doctorate awardceremony or the documents required for it, please contact your contact person (see below).

Impressions of the ceremonies will be published here afterwards.

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