Joint Projects

Funding Instrument 6

Early Stage Funding of Joint Projects

Joint Project

This instrument is intended to support the acquisition of extramurally funded collaborative projects. With the help of this funding instrument, it should be possible to generate collaborative data and joint publications that serve as a promising basis for applying for a new research network.

For who?

  • All doctoral research assistants and professors working at institutions of the Medical Faculty are eligible to apply.
  • Working groups from the Math.-Nat. faculty or external institutions (such as Caesar, DZNE) may be listed as possible groups, but cannot be funded in this instrument.
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Required Qualification

  • Publication services in accordance with DFG standards
  • When evaluating collaborative projects, a key point is the coherence and interaction of the projects. If possible, this should also be documented by joint publications of the applicants.

Award Criteria

Before submitting an application, a consultation with the dean/prodean for research must first take place to check whether the project fits strategically into the development concept of the medical faculty. For this purpose, a brief outline must be submitted in advance via the BONFOR eApplication portal.

Brief outline
(max. 3 pages)

  • Question (innovation & significance) before current state of research
  • List of possible groups
  • Short summary of the projects applied for

Main Application

(max. 6 pages, additionally 2-3 Project Applications)

  • After a positive consultation and if the dean's office approves the application, the main application can be submitted by the deadline of a committee meeting.
  • Presentation of the concept for the planned overall alliance (research question, long-term perspective), as well as qualitative and content-related comparative classification or differentiation from similar research alliances already funded in the national research landscape.
  • Timeline for the application for the external research network, which is intended to follow the BONFOR funding.
  • List of potential groups, including brief summaries of potential projects and publication lists from the last 5 years.
  • Detailed project applications (individually for each of the 2-3 projects applied for).
  • Description of the expected results and justification of why these projects are of central importance to the alliance (coherence and key role).
  • Outline why this tool is needed at this time to get this early stage funding
  • Decisive for the assessment are the concept, the quality and key role of the projects as well as the identification of the potential groups.


Personnel funds
Per project and funding year 65% of doctoral position
(flat-rate amount according to the DFG's current personnel funding rates).

    2-3 projects (collaborative)

    Per project and funding year max. 15,000 € (incl. animal costs and computer software, hardware funding and technical equipment are excluded).

    Travel and Publication Costs
    Application for funding to cover travel and publication costs is excluded.

    Duration of Funding

    A maximum of 3 years will be funded. The total amount of funding applied for directly for this project duration is divided into 2 funding periods (period 1 with 2 years).

    Continuation Funding

    The second tranche will be approved after submission of an interim report independent of the meeting and in case of a positive interim evaluation by the reviewers. The goal is for the funded positions to transition to extramural funding.

    Combination Possibilities and Follow-up Funding



    Step 1

    Project Application

    • Contacting the Coordination office
    • Consultation by the Team Internal Funding
    • Getting Access to the BONFOR eApplication system
    • Submission of the project application via the BONFOR eApplication system.

    Step 2

    Appraisal & Decision

    • Brief outline: Consultation with the dean/prodean for research and dean's decision (approval/rejection of an application).
    • Main application: evaluation by two internal and two external reviewers, commission consultation, and dean's decision.

    Step 3

    Project Execution

    • Maximum 36 months.

    Step 4

    Evaluation & Project Presentation

    • Final report on the date of account closure
    • Documentation of external follow-up financing and publications achieved
    • Presentation of the research project at the BONFOR symposium

    Application & Deadlines

    Sibmission of the project application including mandatory and additional documents via the BONFOR eApplication portal.

    Current Notice

    Currently, it is not possible to apply for this funding instrument (as of May 2023).

    Project Application

    Please use the following template to describe your project proposal:

    Please use the following document for your project proposal:

    Required Documents

    The following documents are required for your application:

    Brief outline

    • Project outline (see template)
    • One page of summary of the research project
    • Curriculum vitae and scientific background ( applying speaker )
    • List of publications ( applying speaker )

    Main Application
    (2-3 project proposals to be submitted separately)

    • Overall project description (see template)
    • One page of summary of the research project
    • Curriculum vitae and scientific background ( applying spokesperson and individual project leaders)
    • Publication lists ( applying spokesperson and individual project leaders)
    • Individual project descriptions for 2-3 subprojects within the alliance (see template).
    • Declaration of the current duration of the employment contract1 and job agreement from the clinic/institute management: for the speaker and the project leaders (text template).
    • Signed guidelines for the use of BONFOR funds: spokesperson and project leaders

    For each doctoral student position applied for
    (text submission):

    • Commitment by the head of the institution for a doctoral position of at least 3 years (fallback in case of negative interim evaluation)
    • Supervision agreement of a university professor for the doctoral student

    1 If total employment period (= requested funding period plus 1 year of continued employment) is incompletely covered by employment contract: Application for job extension by the clinic/institute management for the remaining period, if necessary subject to BONFOR funding approval: see. UKB-Intranet: Geschäftsbereich 1 - Recruiting - Antrag auf Durchführung einer Personalmaßnahme

    • Collaboration agreement(s)
    • Votum of the Ethics commission
    • Animal Testing Permit
    • Further Documentation

    Support of the research project by the management of the clinic or institute, documented by:

    • Workplace Agreement
      the responsible clinic/institute directorate for the BONFOR funding period applied for
    • Employment Contract
      or legally binding secured continued employment for the requested funding period (if necessary, an extension of the employment contract can be applied for at GB1 subject to BONFOR funding approval; please clarify details with the BONFOR office in advance and prior to submitting the BONFOR application).
    • Doctoral funding and supervisory commitment, if applicable:

      BONFOR funds can only be applied for and approved for doctoral funding if the institutions give the doctoral candidate a legally binding promise of a minimum 3-year contract period for their doctoral position (fallback in the case of a negative interim evaluation) and guarantee supervision for the duration of the doctorate. If the applicant does not yet have the right to do a doctorate, a supervisory commitment from a university teacher must be enclosed with the application.


    Grant applications may be submitted at any time, but must be submitted via the BONFOR eApplication system no later than the application deadline for the respective meeting date. 


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