Internal Research Funding

Internal Research Funding Tools

The Medical Faculty offers scientists a broad portfolio of internal research funding tools. Some of these funding options are coordinated through the Bonfor office. Others through our Gender Equality Office or the Center for Clinical Trials. The following page provides an overview of the options available to support your research projects.

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BONFOR describes the central funding entity of the Medical Faculty. It offers a variety funding opportunities directed to scientist in nearly all career stages.

Current application deadlines:

23.04.2024 SciMed

29.09.2024 BONFOR-other instruments, except SciMed

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Advanced Clinician Scientists (ACS) can apply for a fellowship which will allow them to invest 50 percent of their working time on research over a period of 6 years.

New call for applications 2024

Application deadline: 15.08.2024 (4 positions funded by the BMBF/ACCENT program)


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In this programme, young physicians with a strong scientific foucs receive three years of funding and a corresponding release from their clinical work for research.

next call summer 2024

Contact - Coordination Internal Funding

Avatar Racz

PD Dr. Ildiko Racz

Science Management - Coordination Internal Funding

Avatar Rudolph

Dr. Janna Rudolph

Science Management - Coordination Internal Funding

Avatar Schmitt

Dr. Dorothea Schmitt

Science Management - Coordination Internal Funding

Avatar Wolff

Dr. Heike Wolff

Currently not on duty

Avatar Worst

Dr. Philipp Worst

Currently not on duty

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Clinical studies

Since 2016, funding can be requested by scientists for the implementation of clinical studies. The applications are evaluated by the Clinical Studies Commission.

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Female physicians and scientists can apply to the Gender Equality Office for funding to complete their Habilitation or obtain an Adjunct (apl) Professorship.

Contact - Clinical studies and FEMHABIL/FEMAPL

Avatar Studienzentrale des SZB

Studienzentrum Bonn - Studienzentrale des SZB

Avatar Banavas

Tanja Banavas

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External Funding Consultation

The Faculty of Medicine wants to support its researchers during the application for third-party funding from funding institutions and foundations. In close collaboration with the Research Funding Department of Department 7 - Research and Transfer - at the University of Bonn it offers a comprehensive advisory service.

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