Materials Funding

Funding Instrument 7

Materials Funding for external Scholarship Holders

For research projects of scientists from abroad

For research projects of external scientists who are scientifically active at institutions of the Medical Faculty via an external scholarship, a material grant can be applied for in the case of cost-intensive projects that are classified as above-average.

For who?

  • Only scholarship holders from reputable third-party funding bodies (DAAD, EU, EMBO or similar) whose scholarships are awarded competitively will be considered.
  • Funding is only possible for scholarship holders who do not receive an adequate material grant and whose external scholarship is granted for at least 6 months (time limit for initial application).
  • All professors working at institutions of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn and habilitated research group leaders are eligible to apply.
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Required Qualification

  • In the case of scholarship holders whose externally funded project has not been evaluated in a peer review process, the supervising university professor must submit a detailed evaluation to assess the scholarship holder's qualifications.
  • A statement from the third party funder regarding the selection process (criteria, designation of the deciding institution) must be submitted.

Award Criteria

A maximum of two external scholarship holders per institute/clinic will be funded at the same time.


Max. 500 € per month (incl. animal costs and computer software, hardware support and technical equipment are excluded).

Travel and Publication Costs
Application for funding to cover travel and publication costs is excluded.

Duration of Funding

Per application period 6 to a maximum of 12 months, but not longer than the scholarship period (max. period per funding period).

Continuation Funding

  • Funding continuation possible upon application
  • Mid-term report: work report with a compact summary of the research work carried out and the scientific results achieved.
  • In the case of an external continuation grant with a final term extension of 3 to a maximum of 5 months, the BONFOR material grant can be approved on the basis of the Bewilligungsbescheids??? without a detailed application outside the commission meetings.

Combination Possibilities and Follow-up Funding



Step 1

Project Application

  • Contacting the Coordination office
  • Consultation by the Team Internal Funding
  • Getting Access to the BONFOR eApplication system
  • Submission of the project application via the BONFOR eApplication system.

Step 2

Appraisal & Decision

  • An internal expert opinion
  • commission consultation

Step 3

Project Execution

  • Per application period.

Step 4

Evaluation & Projectpresentation

  • Final report to the date of account closure

Application & Deadlines

Submission of the project application in English including mandatory and additional documents via the BONFOR eApplication system.

Project Application

Please use the following template to describe your project proposal (in English language):

Please use the following document for your project proposal:

Required Documents

The following documents are required for your application:

  • Project application (see template)

  • One page of summary of the research project

  • Curriculum vitae and scientific career of the applicant (including a list of third-party funding obtained)

  • List of publications of the applicant of the past 5 years

  • Curriculum vitae and scientific career of the scholarship holder (with examination grades)

  • Scholarship approval incl. proof of scholarship period

  • Statement of the external third-party funder regarding the selection process

  • Project proposal on which the external fellowship application is based

  • Proof of the scholarship holder's commitment in accordance with the formal GB1 requirements.

  • Signed guidelines for the use of BONFOR funds

  • Declaration Bonfor-applicant
  • Further Documents

Proof of motivation to the formal GB1 requirements: The fellowship recipient's work must comply with the formal requirements of the GB1 fact sheet on visiting fellows, visiting scientists, visiting physicians, fellows, trainees.

(Download via UKB intranet: Kfm. Direktion -- Geschäftsbereich 1 Personalwesen -- Formulare und Informationen).


Grant applications may be submitted at any time, but must be submitted via the BONFOR eApplication system no later than the application deadline for the respective meeting date. 


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