Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Funding Instrument for Clinical Studies (FKS)

Since January 2016, applicants can apply to the Commission for Clinical Studies for material and staff funding for the conduct of clinical studies.

Funding is available for all types of studies including diagnostic studies (interventional studies (including AMG, MPG (also §23b and §7 MPKPV) and non-AMG/non-MPG studies); non-interventional studies (including retrospective, prospective studies, registry studies, observational studies)).

Analogous to the former BONFOR Instrument 11, funding for staff as well as material resources for the conduct of pilot studies, as well as financial support for the preparation of a high-quality application for the funding of a clinical study by a public funding institution (DFG, BMBF, Krebshilfe) can be requested .

Innovative Investigational and Therapeutic Techniques (IUT).

Since May 2017, it is possible to submit an application for financial support of IUTs to the Medical Faculty via the Commission for Clinical Studies. The application must be submitted to the Commission for Clinical Studies, which evaluates the applications and prepares a recommendation to the Dean's Office.


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