The application for BONFOR funding is exclusively done electronically. Applicants can use the BONFOR e-application system for this purpose. The prerequisite for access to the system is an informal application for an access identification by e-mail to the BONFOR secretariat.

Request Access

The BONFOR eApplication system enables the direct electronic exchange of application data between applicants, the BONFOR Secretariat, reviewers and members of the BONFOR Commission in a strictly protected area.

Request for Access Identification

If you would like to submit a grant application, please request an access identification informally by e-mail from the BONFOR secretariat, indicating the desired funding instrument and the official contact details of the applicant.

For applications in funding instruments 4 and 7, the name and e-mail address of the doctoral candidate or the external scholarship holder are also required.

Access Validity

Access to the eApplication system remains valid for future applications. To submit further applications, please inform the BONFOR secretariat of the desired funding instrument informally by e-mail so that the corresponding application can be set up for you in the eSystem.

Application Submission 

An application can be submitted in either German or English.
Please use the application template prepared for each funding instrument to describe your project.

Application in Four Steps

Please log in to the BONFOR eApplication system using the access ID provided to you.
After successful login, submitting your application is a four-step process:

Step 1

Research topic and abstract

In this section you have to enter the research topic of your project as well as the entry of your abstract (project summary).

Please also note the application deadline stated there. After the deadline, submission of the application is no longer possible.

Step 2

Requested funds

Based on your cost breakdown entered here, a decision will be made on the amount of funding recommended, if any, at the meeting.

The list of the requested subsidies is subdivided according to cost types. Each cost item applied for must be entered individually for each cost type. Please note the upper application limits.
Please indicate the percentage of full time staff (e.g. 65% PhD student, 1.0 VK MTA, 50% own position).

Step 3

Uploading the application documents

Only PDF files can be uploaded (file size max. 10 MB).

Overviews of the mandatory documents to be submitted for each funding instrument can be found on this website under "Funding Instruments".

Step 4

Submitting the application

The application submission is only possible after uploading all mandatory files, entering the cost items, specifying the research topic and entering the project summary.

The Submit button will only appear after all of the above criteria have been met.

The final application submission takes place via a confirmation query. Up to this query, you can make changes in all application areas. Your application is not finally submitted until this query is confirmed. You will then receive a confirmation from the system that your application has been successfully submitted.

Finalize Application Process

Submission of the applicants declaration.

The application process is only formally completed when the applicant's declaration on the submitted BONFOR eApplication (template for this is sent by e-mail together with the eApplication number) is sent as a PDF file by e-mail to the BONFOR Secretariat within one week after the application deadline.

Help with the eApplication

The BONFOR Secretary's Office will be happy to advise you on the online application process. The members of the BONFOR Research Commission are also happy to advise applicants.

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