Application & Selection

The announcement for the program takes place annually. The first call is planned for November 2022. The prerequisite for submitting an application is a thematic reference to the research area:

"The role of systemic, external, and environmental influences on neurological and psychiatric disorders and their use in the prediction, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of these conditions"

Eligible to apply are resident physicians:

  • in specialization
  • with successfully completed doctorate (at least magna cum laude)
  • With at least 1 original publication as first author (alone or shared) or at least 2 original publications as second author

The specialization training must be evidenced by an employment contract at UKB for the entire funding period plus 1 additional year or at least until the end of the specialization. Publications must have appeared in journals listed in Pubmed and including a peer review process.
The Executive Board would like to explicitly motivate female physicians to apply. The aim is to award at least 50% of the fundings to female applicants.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted electronically via the Bonfor eApplication system (see below). The application must be formulated in English. The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

  • Cover letter (1 page)
  • Project summary including classification in the thematic focus of the program (1 page)
  • Research concept (background, rationale, objectives, work program, innovation, approach, good scientific practice, requested budget, milestones and timeline, support within the host laboratory and external collaborations, references; max. 20 pages).
  • Letter of recommendation by the clinic director
  • Declaration of obligation regarding release for the research project by the clinic director (see template).
  • Declaration of commitment to be accepted at the scientific institute / collaborating clinic (in the case of a clinical research project) for the duration of the project and the commitment to provide consumables and scientific infrastructure by the institute / clinic directorate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of publications with a short summary of the most important publications (the contributed part is to be indicated)
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Commitment Letter Templates

With the submission of the application for the Neuro-aCSis, the director of the clinic at which the applicant works must assure that the applicant will be released from clinical work to the required extent. At the same time, the director of the institute where the research project is to be carried out must assure that it will host the applicant for the entire funding period. Both the clinic and the scientific institute must be part of the UKB or the Medical Faculty.

Please use the templates in the download area to create the commitment letters.

Commitment of Clinic Management

Commitment of Institute Management

Access to the eApplication system

Applications can only be submitted via the Bonfor eApplication system. To access this system, please send a short email to the Coordination Office for Internal Funding ( Please include your full name, the name of the clinic where you will be working during the funding period and a current email address. An account will then be set up for you and an application procedure for the Neuro-aCSis programme will be created. As soon as your account has been activated, you will receive an email notification.

Selection Process

The Executive Board first sorts the applications received into thematic groups and forwards them for review. Each application is reviewed by one internal (from the Medical Faculty Bonn) and one external person. Based on the reviews, the Neuro-aCSis Selection Committee then makes the funding decision.

The selection committee is composed of the Executive Board, members of the Bonfor Commission, and the Dean of the Medical Faculty.


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